Gun Violence

My Position on Gun Violence

As a mother of two young boys, I am angry about the increased violence across the country due to guns. Please know that I am committed to ending the epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings plaguing our country. On this policy issue, we simply must face the facts: the U.S. has some of the loosest gun safety laws on Earth and as a result, has far more mass shootings and school shootings than anywhere else on the planet. To fail to act in the face of so much death and pain is simply unacceptable.

The recent tragedies in Buffalo, Uvalde, and Highland Park are unacceptable, and Congress must do more. Like you, I, too, mourn the lives lost in the senseless shootings we have witnessed in our country but desire meaningful change.

Some states have even taken steps where open carry is legal, requiring no permits. This widespread epidemic calls for an overall response on all levels of government.

Gun Violence Updates

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