Rashida's Readers

Dear 12th District Dedicated Educators,

We’re so excited to share with you again the 12th District Rashida’s Readers Program!



This program is in celebration of March is Reading Month and aims to promote children’s literacy among our K-5th grade elementary school students in a fun and creative way all year round. This year, we are asking schools and students to share their favorite reads or books so far from the 2023 school year. Teachers and students are asked to share their school name, grade, their favorite book title and author from books read during March is Reading Month or from the 2023 school year.

Each classroom/school who submits their favorite books will be recognized on Congresswoman Tlaib’s official social media page. We are excited to celebrate March is Reading month with you all and hope that you will consider submitting some of your favorite books and reads for the 2023 school year! For more information, please contact Rashida@mail.house.gov.

We encourage you to please contact our Neighborhood Service Center at (313) 463-6220 or via email at rashida@mail.house.gov with any questions that you may have. I can’t wait to see our kids get excited about reading with their Congresswoman.