Tlaib, Bush Urge President Biden to Prevent Rafah Invasion, Facilitate Lasting Ceasefire

With death toll rising to over 30,000, Bush, Tlaib reiterate their calls for immediate, lasting ceasefire as Rafah invasion looms

Latest polling shows 77% of Democrats support ceasefire

WASHINGTON D.C. — Today, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (MI-12)and Congresswoman Cori Bush (MO-01) sent a letter to President Biden urging the President to decisively oppose any invasion by Israeli forces or further bombardment in Rafah, and to facilitate an immediate, lasting ceasefire to save lives. The Israeli government has already killed over 30,035 Palestinians – 70% of which are women and children – and injured more than 70,457. Currently, 1.5 million people are trapped in Rafah – the last so-called “safe zone” – as Israeli forces prepare an invasion. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly declared Israel will invade Rafah with or without a temporary ceasefire deal, which will have devastating human consequences. In the Congresswomen’s letter, they request a direct meeting with President Biden before the State of the Union on March 7 to discuss this urgent and dire humanitarian crisis.

“We ask you to utilize every avenue possible to achieve this end, including ending the use of the U.S.’ veto in the UN Security Council to protect Netanyahu, a partial or full cessation of offensive support to Israel, and an end to any additional transfer of funds, weapons, military equipment, and any other material support,” wrote the Congresswomen. “We must use our full power and leverage to secure the release of all the hostages and others arbitrarily detained, and support a drastic surge in humanitarian aid. This is only achievable with a lasting ceasefire.”

The latest polling shows that the majority of Americans – including 77% of Democrats – continue to support a lasting ceasefire. This is in addition to the United Nations, the majority of world leaders across the globe, and nearly every major human rights organization.

“There is nothing fringe or radical about supporting basic human rights,”  the Congresswomen continued. “That’s why the majority of Americans support a ceasefire. We still have an opportunity to save the lives left in Gaza.”

A copy of the letter can be found here

Today, Congresswoman Bush first announced that she and Congresswoman Tlaib would be sending the letter to President Biden at a press conference focused on the humanitarian crisis in Rafah. 


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