Constituent Survey

Thank you for participating in this survey. Your continued outreach ensures that I remain rooted in our community and helps me tailor my office’s legislative work and resident services to best uplift and assist our friends and neighbors. As your advocate and elected representative in Congress, I begin each morning with a firm promise "to do the people's work" and will continue to rely on the advice of my residents as I work to bring economic growth and jobs to our communities; to improve our access to health care, healthy foods and quality education; to protect the nation's socials safety net programs; and to demand justice and advance reforms aimed at creating a country where all people truly are free and equal.

My first and foremost goal as your Representative during this national crisis is to ensure that every resident of our community has the resources they need to stay safe and healthy. If you, your family, or anyone you know need assistance with a federal agency, or are experiencing an urgent need – such as potential utility shut offs, or lack access to basic necessities such as food, medication, or housing – please call my office immediately so we can assist you. My offices’ phone numbers are (202) 225-5126 (Washington, D.C.) and (313) 463-6220 (Detroit). My team and I are here to serve you and would be happy to help you and your family navigate resources or programs during your time of need.

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