Tlaib Statement on Latest in Build Back Better Plan Negotiations

October 28, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON—Today, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (MI-13) released the following statement after President Biden’s visit to Capitol Hill this morning and the White House’s unveiling of a Build Back Better framework:


"I am not going to sell out my district for a bill that was written by the fossil fuel industry and championed by two senators who bow down to Big Pharma, billionaires and corporate polluters.  My residents – from the children who need pre-k all the way to the seniors who need expanded Medicare – deserve votes on both the Build Back Better Act and the so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill. We can’t build back better with only roads and bridges, we need meaningful investments in our nation’s care infrastructure, social safety net, and climate action. Democratic leadership has set an arbitrary deadline for voting on the bipartisan infrastructure plan that will only obstruct and kill the possibility of passing the Build Back Better.


“I cannot in good conscience vote for BIF without Build Back Better, as has always been the agreement. It is an outrage that instead of finally delivering on affordable prescription drugs, reducing emissions to levels necessary to avoid climate catastrophe, child care, accessible higher education, full lead pipe replacement and real paid family leave, House leadership is willing to risk delivering only the inadequate BIF bill. I will not stand for it. My residents will not stand for it. Enough is enough, we must put people first. 


“We need legislative language, an agreement from 50 Senators that they support Build Back Better, and votes on both bills together on the same day in order for us to truly deliver the much needed help and support to our communities.”